Negotiating technical standards
for artificial intelligence

Developed by ASPI & CIS

This Playbook is a resource for policymakers, technologists and civil society in the Indo-Pacific to understand the dynamics behind standards-setting for AI technologies.

Our Project

AI Techdiplomacy is a research project that offers an introductions  to the processes of negotiation that underpin the development of technical standards for artificial intelligence. AI governance is a live issue, and requires the attention of governments, standards bodies, industry, academia and civil society organisations.

Our Aim

Given the high impact of AI on our societies and the crucial foundation role of technical standards, we believe that exchanges, more dialogue and greater collaboration between policymakers, technologists and civil society on technical standards for AI has never been more important. The aim of this project is to help key stakeholders step through the different aspects of negotiating technical standards for AI and should serve as an encouragement to get involved. They all play their role in shaping agendas, setting boundaries, forming conceptions and providing future directions.

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